All God’s People Episode #223

Glendale Adventist Academy Welcomes Dr. Israel Olaore as New Principal

Just 5 years ago, Nigerian native Dr. Olaore was associate vice president and associate professor of education at Babcock University, a 20,000-plus student school, in Nigeria. When his 3 adult children asked him to come to the United States to be closer to them, their request brought him to Glendale Adventist Academy as the 22nd principal.

The new leader of the elementary and high school that has served this southern Californian community since 1907 hopes to raise enrollment, expand engagement with alumni, explore ways to make the school more affordable and connect more fully with the surrounding community.

* * * * *

Beverly Benson Retires from the Pacific Union Office of Education

After 45 years of service, Beverly Benson is retiring from her role as Certification Registrar for the Office of Education of the Pacific Union. Because she manages teacher certification, Bev is well known to literally all of our teachers throughout the Union—and with more than four decades of experience, she knows and can discuss the history of our educational system and the schools. Many of Bev’s friends from across the Union celebrated her life and unprecedented career at a retirement dinner last week. Bev has been an extraordinary part of the Pacific Union, and she will be very much missed.

* * * * *

November Recorder Declares “God is So Good”

The November Recorder should be arriving in your homes this week. It’s Thanksgiving, and this issue proclaims “God is So Good” on the cover. Goodness is one of the Fruits of the Spirit, and there are articles that explore what it means. The Recorder also has the Pacific Union Officers response to the recent vote at the Annual Council of the General Conference.